1981  Leon  De Witt

1982  Robert Reynolds

1983  Clarence Hart

1984  Cecil Reynolds

1985  Cabell Austin

1986  Clarence Elson

1987  Walter Neumann

1988  Roy Gallon

1989  Jack Evans

1990  Robert Barnhart

1991  Floyd Ashton

1992  Kenneth Beckner

1993  Alvin Nelson

1994  Samuel Brinkley

1995  Robert Eldridge

1996  William Parker

1997  Clancy Close

1998  Austin Brown

1999  Forrest Leamons

2000  Hiram Roush

2001  William Hugill

2002  Orville Thomas

2003  James Dysart

2004  Richard Fasig

2005  Duane Bergstrom

2006  John Carter

2007  Richard Baskin

2008  Terry Stewart

2009  Donald Bridwell

2010  Richard Dinsmore

2011  James Vennebush

2012  Hans Delfo

2015 Tony Albright

2016  Hilarion Crisostomo


Every year Blue Lodges across the state of California bestow an honor known as the Hiram award upon a single member of their individual Lodge. The award is generally described as the ‘highest honor” which can be presented by a Lodge. This can be somewhat confusing, as being Master of the Lodge is also described as being the ‘highest honor” that a Mason can achieve. Technically, both statements are true.

The first Hiram Award was presented to Andrew D. Miller, PM by San Pedro Lodge No. 332 in 1964. The award remained a local award until 1977, when Galt Lodge No. 267 presented a Hiram Award to Glen Ingram, PM. This presentation was attended by over 350 people, including county supervisors, the Shrine Band from San Francisco, and John Roberts, past Grand Master of Masons for California. This event was such a success that Grand Master Kermit Jacobson assembled a committee to create a statewide Hiram Award program to “try it out” for a year. The Hiram Award caught on, and has spread to virtually every Lodge throughout the state of California. It is now awarded in several other Grand Lodge jurisdictions across the United States as well.

The Hiram Award is an honor that can be bestowed only once a year by a Lodge to only one Master Mason.

 Every Master Mason is eligible. The award is recognition of a Brother by the Lodge for his service. It is a tribute to a Brother who has devoted themselves, their time, and their talent above and beyond the minimal requirements of Freemasonry to become a shining beacon to others both within the Fraternity and the community. It is a singular honor authorized by the Grand Lodge of California and presented by the Brethren of the Lodge to a member they feel is a credit to the Craft.